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Bio Coal™ Manufactures and Distributors Pty. Ltd.
Stutterheim, Eastern Cape

  • A Non-Conventional & Renewable Energy Project.
  • First of its kind in Southern Africa for African market to convert naturally generated Biomass in the forests of South Africa and Agriculture Waste.
  • First CDM (Clean Mechanism Development) project in its category to be registered with DNA South Africa under UNFCCC. Potentially generating 100,000 CERs annually once fully operational.
  • Situated in Rural Forestry area of Stutterheim in Eastern Cape where Unemployment is 87%.
  • 30 direct employments and more than 100 in-direct job opportunities.
  • Proven technology from AGRO-TECHNOLOGIES™ India with trained and experienced manpower to run Briquetting & Palleting machines to process any type of organic bio-mass.
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • BCMD deliberately chose rural area for its operations keeping in mind steep unemployment rate. To address the issue management of BCMD decided to buy Biomass generated in Forests and Saw mills around Stutterheim from the communities. So that they earn their living. Preference will be given to Women and Young generation.

  • Individuals and Entities from these communities will be registered with BCMD, Local Municipality & Saw Mill or Forest where it will collect the biomass. This will ensure avoidance of exploitation of the resource.

  • Company is in the process of introducing Cooking Stove & Water Heater operating on Bio Coal™, this will help reduce deforestation for the purposes.

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  • All Industries using Coal fired Boilers are potential buyers. No Alterations or Modifications are required on existing Boilers to switch to Bio Coal™.
  • Food Processing, Textiles, Edible Oil refineries, Dairies, Laundries & Chemical Industries, Hospitals, Boarding Schools and Prisons, Brick Manufacturers, Agriculture sector such as Green Houses are potential customers.
  • Even Oil & Gas fired boilers can also be converted easily at very minimum capital investments.
Roll out Potential in other Provinces of South Africa and Other Countries in Africa
  • Main promoter, Avinash Sarda & his team have already identified potential in other Provinces in South Africa namely Western Cape, Tsitsikama, KZN, Mpumalanga & Limpopo.
  • Initial surveys in DRC, Namibia, Zambia & Zimbabwe are also done as there exits even bigger potential. These countries depend on overseas coal supply